SRI innovation – creating what customers want

The course follows the five disciplines of innovation proposed by the Stanford Research Institute, namely  (1) important needs, (2) creating customer value, (3) innovation champions, (4) innovation teams, and (5) organizational alignment. The five disciplines are studied by working in teams closely together with companies with the aim of creating innovative solutions, prototypes, new services and products. The course follows the validated learning formula to build sustainable business and the build-measure-learn cycle of Lean Startup (Eric Ries).


The course starts September 12th and ends December 19th, 2014 and is 15 ECTS.

five disciplines

The aims of the study whole are

1. Understanding and creating market and customer needs

2. NABC elevator pitching skills

3. Ability to proactively identify needs and challenges of innovation

4. Skill to form, lead and motivate innovative teams

5. Knowhow to create and deliver highest customer value

6. Ability to use innovation best practices as the means to make set goals happen


Examination is based on self- and peer evaluation and an evidence based portfolio of skills