Creativity, innovation and change

The learning objectives of the course “Creativity, innovation and change” are

  1. Becoming more effective and resourceful problem solvers
  2. Ability to spot problems and devise smart solutions
  3. Creativity skills
  4. Self-assessment skills
  5. Ability to accept and deal with ambiguity
  6. Learn how to use both divergent and convergent thinking

Participants practice the art of clarifying – asking the right questions, ideating – getting rid of the inner naysayer, developing – building and testing solutions until getting to sustainable solutions, implementing – convincing others that your idea has value, creative mindset with a lot of trial and error practice, and cultural norms breaking and self-reflection on mental models.

The course is executed in close co-operation with the “SRI innovation – creating what customers want” -course. Also, participants work closely together with companies on various challenges and tasks.

The course starts September 12th and ends December 19th, 2014, and is 15 ECTS.