Our vision and story

Our vision

Our mission is to spread tools for and methods of innovation and development processes among firms in the Turku region. In ten years time we share a common innovation mindset with tools, methods and the drive to push forward. The Turku region is a vibrant, inspiring and worth the visit kind of place, where anyone will succeed in getting their own business going.

Our story

There was once a guy called Timo at the university of applied sciences in Turku. He had been involved in lots and lots of projects, in which different disciplines would be combined in order to find the breaking points between design, products and services as well as business models. In 2007 he had experimented enough. Timo came up with an idea, in which students receive a task or assignment directly from a firm, who is in need of something new, some fresh idea on how to tackle a problematic issue. Like, how to reach out to your customers, or service concepts for the future. He designed the process and added a twist – 58 hours time to come up with not only one solution, but as many as possible. The students focus completely and only on the task of creating new ideas, away from everyday distractions and other tasks. The key was to prepare as carefully as possible by learning about the industry, competition, customers, needs, and what not. Timo had creted INNO58h.

It went well. So Timo did it again, and again. Then he met another enthusiastic guy, Joachim, who worked at another university of applied sciences in Turku. They hit it off and created grand visions of learning. But you need to start somewhere if you want to conquer the world. So they decided to work together on INNO58h, allowing students from both universities to participate (and may it be noted that these kind of joint initiatives between universities are quite rare). Again, clients were happy and felt they got ideas that could be implemented and developed further. Timo and Joachim were learning the whole time, constantly weighing options on how to push the teams into innovating further and never settling for the first ideas that come to mind. And never taking the easy way out, but rather keep going and pushing until time runs out.

A few years later, enter Anna-Greta, a university lecturer with the foremost task of teaching students to think critically (what ever that means). She had begun to question the traditional teaching methods in higher education and started experimenting. She had heard about INNO58h and came in contact with Timo and Joachim, partly as she had completed her team coach education. It does not come as a surprise that she brought a university into the process, allowing access to INNO58h to all students interested. And two years after that the other university in Turku joined, selling out the spots in a matter of seconds when enrolment opened. INNO58h had become a true collaboration between the universities in the city, with coaches jointly designing the learning process and most importantly, learning themselves.

And why does the Lean inno story start with INNO58h? Are they the same thing? The answer is no. Lean inno takes off where INNO58h ends, taking the learning journey many steps forward. Lean inno is about constantly stepping out of your comfort zone, constantly seeking different perspectives to the problem and different solutions. It is about iterative, fast learning processes together with the client. It is about implementing and evaluating. Seeing what happens. And making it better.

We believe that multidisciplinary teams with structured innovation processes have a higher likelihood of succeeding and creating value within any organization. We have tested our concept, we know how it works. And we are ready to meet your challenges – bring it on!